CCF Must Think ‘Consumers’ Are Stupid?

Look what I found. An article over at Green Is The New Red titled “Full-page New York Times Ad Calls Humane Society ‘Terrorists.’” What’s wrong with people?

Now this may seem strange, me coming to the defense of the HSUS for being criticized, by anyone. Hell, I’m guilty of voicing my opinion against them, too. 

My problems with the Humane Society, and PeTA to a greater extent, are merely how they’ve chosen to accomplish their respective missions. I don’t disagree with their goals. In fact I, most certainly, have embraced them. I’m a vegan. Trying to do what I can, for the billions upon billions of land and sea creatures that are slaughtered each and every year, not because of a need for human sustenance, per se, but peoples perverse taste? It’s just wrong. And it needs to stop! I’m sorry, but any organization touting the new welfarist approach as a justifiable alternative to “business as usual” ain’t got their heads on right. “There’s no such thing as humane meat.”

Be that as it may, when a bunch of needledick corporate idiots, a “group that represents the fast food, meat and dairy industries,” so blatantly tries to label anyone for being something that I’ve failed to grasp, even by the largest stretch of my imagination, I have to say something. Not only are a vice president of the Humane Society ties to “terrorism” weak, at best, but the conviction of the SHAC group at the centre of all this bullshit is severely problematic. 

“It’s a sad day,” Indeed…

Come on, the CCF must think “consumers” are stupid if your goal is to convince people that the Humane Society are “terrorists,” through a bunch of vague connections to, basically, an opinion. That’s right, the SHAC 7, were convicted on tantamount to paranoia. Fear that they have a point. And if people see their point, they will come to understand them, and start to really think and act against the lies our society has been built upon. Tell me, please, what else am I supposed to think?

“These corporations and industry groups don’t just want to stop groups like the Animal Liberation Front. They don’t just want to stop the animal rights movement. They want to stop the animal welfare movement. They want to destroy all of them, together…” 

Because people being aware is bad for business…