CCF Are The Stupid One’s

Back in December, the 13th to be precise, I posted a piece entitled “CCF Must Think ‘Consumers’ Are Stupid?” In it I cited an article over at Green Is The New Red where the Center for Consumer Freedom, a “group that represents the fast food, meat and dairy industries,” clumsily “tied” The Humane Society to “terrorism” in 6 vague steps.

So in response, Green Is The New Red, “created a little contest called ‘Six Degrees of Consumer Freedom’,” asking their readers “to trump CCF by connecting them to real terrorists in fewer steps.” And, surprise, surprise, they did it, 4 days later. In two steps, no less…

“Karen left a comment connecting CCF to terrorism in two steps: CCF was created by Philip Morris, and Philip Morris has ties to cigarette smuggling, which directly funds terrorist groups…”

Check out the article, Center for Consumer Freedom Helps Terrorist Groups Raise Money, in it they’ve further “researched” and proven the ties. There was little doubt, in my mind at least, it could have been done, and now that it has been done, it’s so bloody sad. Has the CCF no shame? No need to answer, I know, they don’t. Assholes.

My apologies for not following up on this long before now… 

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  1. The Center for Consumer Freedom has one agenda only… the freedoms of consumers is not one of them.

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