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Details Are Scarce

“But, honestly, it caught me totally of guard. This wasn’t the first time I’d been asked advice, far from it, but she is the first one I’ve actually reached. And she actually used my advice to make such a “wonderful” change to her life…”

Better Him Than Me, I Guess

“Never had I been encouraged to dig on flesh to aid my recovery. If I had, I, honestly, can’t say I knew enough about nutrition to fight bad advice. But I do now. And I can see his doctors aren’t doing him any favors by talking their shit. And he isn’t doing himself any favors by following it…”

There’s Always Next Year

“Of course I’d have rather spent more time looking at the “political” exhibitors more. But seeing how the entire event was so busy, it left little chance for me to stop and really look at much of anything for any length of time. Without impeding foot traffic that is…”