Selfish And Small Minds

Not that long ago, I wrote an entry “announcing” the release of 2 mp3’s from Propagandhi‘s imminently forthcoming record, “Supporting Caste.” One of the 2 tracks, Human(e) Meat (The Flensing of Sandor Katz), called into question said chef’s beliefs respecting the treatment, slaughter, and consumption of nonhuman animals. And if done “lovingly” (my word), it’s a perfectly justifiable practice. OK, I’m largely paraphrasing a lot of the songs meaning at this point, but I’ve heard the “logic” more than once. And, therefore think, it’s a safe assumption to be thinking that.

In all honesty, Sandor Katz, wasn’t someone I’ve ever heard of prior to hearing this track. But his “argument” isn’t new to me. And the song provided me enough information to deduce he’s yet another “new welfarist.” Even now all I know of him is what the song so descriptively illustrates of him.

For the record I think, anyone, including him, being offended, for reason’s other than his apparent “logic,” is a tad excessive. If not completely ridiculous. Read the lyrics, Mr. Katz…

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Supporting Caste Preview

Supporting Caste...

The past couple weeks I’ve been a little pre-occupied with a number of much more pressing personal and global issues than to address the “inevitable.” Not to worry my personal issues are not a concern to anyone but myself. Just wrastling with some overdue work. Not a biggie…

So I guess it was late Saturday, I didn’t get my bell rung ’til Sunday, when Propagandhi announced;

“We’ve released two MP3s from the new album – “Supporting Caste” and “Human(e) Meat” – with one string attached.  In order to download these songs, you must make a small donation (in an amount of your choosing) to one of three activist organizations that we feel reflect our values.  Choose from the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, Partners In Health, or peta2.”1

What a great idea;

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Everything Is Alright

Well, for the minute it took me to filter through this “press release,” at least. Face it, there isn’t too much that could be considered “alright” in the world, these days.

So Propagandhi have announced their new record, “Supporting Caste,” hits the streets March 10, 2009;

“Legendary and unrepentant residents of humankind’s ideological peanut-gallery, Propagandhi does not disappoint with Supporting Caste, launching crude rockets into the heart of the prevailing order with meditations that range in focus from the humane slaughter and consumption of non-vegans in an elaborate 18-course banquet (with wine pairings) to the apparent confusion of turning on the TV to watch a simple hockey game and having to wonder whether or not the Nazi’s actually lost the war after all…”1

“When did the future switch from being a promise to a threat?”2 If you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay off the streets March 10th, and watch the fuck out! I can’t wait…

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My Favorite Records of 2008

Not unlike it came in, the year that is almost up, is looking like it will leave in an all to similar fashion. Much to do with absolutely nothing. And, be that as it may, since I’ve already “prematurely” revealed the winner of my “2008 Piece Of Shit List,” Sarah Palin, naming runner-up Douche Bag’s, at this point, strikes me as a tad redundant. So, I thought, in an attempt to acknowledge this year coming to an end I may as well mark the occasion by listing my top 3 favorite records of 2008.

“It’s all good…”

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