Religions role

Q: With respect to the topic of spirituality and/or religion could you comment on how these beliefs may have influenced you, members of your family or professionals you have worked with in your rehabilitation process?

I can’t and won’t speak for anyone but myself. But in my eyes spirituality and religion are two completely separate subjects.

For me spirituality is looking inward and recognizing our connections to each other and this planet and therefore respecting our role as an individuals interacting within nature. Which I believe.

Where I see traditional religion’s role is as primarily looking outwardly for influences to shape a persons understanding of purpose while the need for personal responsibility becomes less and less relevant the harder one tends to rely on it. Which I don’t believe. Continue reading Religions role

Educational Barriers

Q: What efforts do you feel you have made in educating the dominant or mainstream Canadian society and what barriers if any do you feel you have met in attempting to do so?

Well my original answer mainly revolved around mention and the purpose of this blog as an “educational” tool. To provide people some context into why I am the way I am. Both physically and mentally. And while this blog is still greatly relevant in such an endeavor, my friend made me consider something I don’t ever spend time mulling over.

That is what seeing me going about my business in life potentially provides another. She reminded me about what others see when I’m out. And what me “being out” actually means. And getting an opportunity to “interact with me is a valuable experience.” Her words, not mine. Continue reading Educational Barriers

Bias and oppression

Q: How do you think bias, oppression, etc. can best be addressed at an individual, community or policy level in Canada?

A: Simply by encouraging everyone to open their eyes and ears to the world around them.

I’ve learned to look on the world differently than I’d been taught to while growing up. Through that of experience. Lessons that would of otherwise been impossible to effectively learn without having lived through my accident.

I’m the person I am today because everything that has happened to me. And yet I still live to laugh. In all honesty I couldn’t tell you why that is. But it is. Continue reading Bias and oppression


Q: What bias, oppression, etc. do you feel towards others and/or do others feel towards you as a result of your accident and do you feel this has changed on an individual, community or policy level since your accident?

I try, very hard not feel any serious preconceived emotions toward anything. If what you’re asking is do I feel anger towards “God,” my answer is simply no. I’d rather use my energy productively. And believing in a God is, in my opinion everything but a valuable use of time.

And before you assume my lack of belief stems from what happened to me, I assure you it has not. In fact being through everything I’ve been through has only strengthened my resolve. Trust me. Continue reading Feelings