Benefits of coma

It would be mighty irresponsible for an individual to live a life with their head down only being concerned with where they’re headed. That isn’t a general criticism directed broadly. It’s a specific comment directed at one person in particular. Me.

Truth be told, I haven’t honestly always (as in very recently) been the most accepting of change — when it comes to myself, at least. Being so strong headed about certain behaviours has proven to be the least productive of my efforts going forward. Especially concerning matters of the heart. Hard lessons learned. And I’m working on it.

I don’t pretend to have all the answers. In fact, I’m incredibly insecure about the “answers” I do have. And I hope that never changes. However as sure as I am about not being adequately informed about everything, I’m more than secure in proclaiming no-one is. As long as we refuse to listen and learn from each other we will never get to where we want and need to be…

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Interesting turn of events

Those who know me, or have spent anytime reading through my writing here, know I’m disabled. I make use of an electric wheelchair to get around. Not only that but voice communication can be difficult at times. For both myself and the person I’m talking to. Such is life. I’m OK with it. As are people who pay me the patience, respect and effort.

But every so often I run into a situation that causes me to sit back and shake my head feeling even more dumbfounded at the state of our society than usual. Me, a person who deals with these matters, every single day of my life.

Let me set the scene. I’m sitting (har!) in my office poking away and fully engaged with a new CSS framework I found today, when the doorbell rings…

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For Christie’s sake

Just this past week I was involved in quite a personally significant conversation with a friend. In a very round about way we arrived at talking about our respective childhood’s and each of our schooling career’s — if a half-assed, uninterested effort qualifies as a “career,” then I had a glorious one! When she informed me of her experiences during high school being bullied.

In a directly related aside, also this week, I received a mailing from ZCommunications, detailing ZMagazine’s January’s 2011 issue containing Michael Bronski’s piece Glee and Queer Bullying.

It’s precisely what everyone, “Gleek’s” particularly, really should take a few moments to read and truly think about…

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The Shivers

Ever since my accident my “wiring” has been altered from how it was prior to my bump. When use the term “wiring” I’m merely referring to the manner in which my brain communicates with my body. And even more specifically I’m speaking from a physical perspective. In terms of my ability to operate the various parts of my body.

And, yes, I did, for some time, suffer from locked-in syndrome, which insured I couldn’t move voluntarily. But that didn’t mean I was a soft pile of skin and bone. Far from it. I did my fair share of moving, during that time, in the form of spasms. Often it was a reaction to something as non-threatening as a persons touch. It freaked out more than one massage therapist. That’s right, two.

I was a mess. And it hurt. Bad…

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