Feels really good

Have you ever had one of those life changing events?  Where you have little choice but to heed it’s wishes? I’ve had a few. My accident is one. Going vegan is two. And the third one happened just this past Saturday. And all are equally momentous.

Saturday I attended the first annual Accessibility Camp Toronto. An unconference absolutely dedicated to the field of accessibility for and by professionals working in the field. What was so special? Great question. First it was a lot different than I’m used to. With 4 PhotoshopWorld’s, a few Adobe Launches, a couple Apple Presentation’s, a Lynda.com Web Conference and a couple other gatherings under my belt it’s safe to say I’m no stranger to these sorts of events. Or so I thought.

The format while similar in scope, as there was a presenter who presented ideas to an audience, but it was how and what was to be presented that was so different. The schedule wasn’t arranged ahead of time. The session ideas were proposed during the event’s opening then decided on before the event began. That’s not how these things are typically structured and run. The attendees, those who were most interested in what was to be offered, determined the direction of the event. But after, or in some cases during said “presentations,” the discussion was opened up to the audience. So not only were the attendees tasked with the conference schedule, we were able to influence the direction of the individual sessions, too…

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Time, as it always has, will tell

Well it’s been over a month since I’ve written anything here. For shame, I know. And what a month to be absent from commenting on events happening around the world! It’s quite a remarkable time to be in opposition to power!

I’m speaking, of course, toward the uprisings in North Africa, the Middle East and the American Mid-West. “It is not a good season to be a tyrant.” And it’s getting increasingly more difficult not to think these bullshit hierarchies — or the way they are ridiculously structured at least — are all beginning to level out.

Finally, a real reason for hope!

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What I Do Following Completion

Today an old friend sent me a question he had out of genuine curiosity. And a “disclaimer.” “Just curious. I hope you don’t mind the questions.” 

Well, my buddy, not only don’t I mind, I’m more than happy to answer anything you may be wondering. If people could learn anything from me which will, in turn provide some sort of insight, I will have served a purpose. 

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Strange Things Happen Everyday

Would’ya look at that? Here I sit, nearly 3 month’s after “launching” this site, only to take it down for what I thought would be a slight “re-tooling.” Silly me, things never go how you expect. I guess all that matters is it’s back up! As a fully functional “blog,” no less. Or at least (with fingers crossed) I hope it “functions” as a blog ‘ought.

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