Brilliant Idea

The day before yesterday, I believe, I learned of a fabulous program called “Shooting Back.” The Israeli Human Rights Organization, B’Tselem, has “supplied almost 100 video cameras to vulnerable Palestinian communities in Hebron, the northern West Bank and elsewhere, to document and gather evidence of assaults and abusive behaviour – largely by settlers.” “Giving a voice to those who have been voiceless for so long.” 

The Israeli blockade of Gaza makes a little more sense to yours truly, now, given this…

Yes I realize this is only one side of the story. And it would be mighty irresponsible of me no to mention that. But fact is, B’Tselem, a jewish group, has provided the Palestinian people with the ability to film “intimately awful pictures that challenge how the world views the occupation.” And that’s all that needs to be said. Or that is all I will say.

For those looking for more information, might I suggest reading the article (and watching the accompanying video) The Guardian published back in July, “Palestinians Capture Violence Of Israeli Occupation On Video.

“[I]t is always the oppressor, not the oppressed, who dictates the form of the struggle. If the oppressor uses violence, the oppressed have no alternative but to respond violently…” – Nelson Mandela, Long Walk To Freedom

It’s no coincidence why I’ve chosen Mandela’s words to wrap this up, either…