This past weekend, yesterday in fact, I had the wonderful opportunity to catch up with an old friend. Someone I hadn’t seen in a very long time. It’s funny, no matter how much time passes, some things may never change, eh?

But with such a great occasion came the reminder of some less desired aspects of a life. Specifically the way in which I’m often treated.

The hardest part of my accident, especially in terms of it’s result, is having to constantly endure peoples short sighted expectations. Specifically their perception of my “capacity.” Just because I’m unable to walk and speak like a “normal” individual, doesn’t necessarily mean I need to be treated in a way that is different from anyone else. When a person starts to speak slower, louder, or not even to me, it only insults their intelligence…

I don’t mean to make it sound like this was the way in which events unfolded. Far from it. It was the complete opposite. My friend walked in here like she hadn’t missed a step. Laughing. Cracking jokes. And being slightly inappropriate. Like days of old. It was fucking fantastic!

Frankly, I’m still unable to put into words what our time together meant to me. I could feel the look on my face the whole time she was here. Honestly I was taken aback.

It was such a nice time…