Become A Sustainer

I’ve been a ZNet sustainer since late last year? And I’m more than willing to admit I’m quite impressed with what I receive from my modest monthly contribution.

Honestly I don’t use my “member privileges” anywhere near its potential. I have yet to set up my “ZSpace Page.” I need to get on that. But what I do find most valuable is receiving “nightly sustainer commentary” in my email inbox. Granted it takes, at least, a $1 monthly contribution to be eligible for that “feature.” So I urge anyone who can afford to part with $12 a year to become a sustainer.

Because every so often you get little gems not unlike the one I received this morning…

Now, yesterday, when I wrote that Stephen Harper “is a conservative and appears to be under similar delusions as conservatives to the south of us.” I was merely referring to the Canadian military intervention in Afghanistan. Little did I know, ironically, it went much further than that. I figured it did, but I wasn’t aware how.

“For example, did you know that over the past year or so Canadian naval vessels have been regularly patrolling Iran’s coast?” Yves Engler wrote a piece titled “Canada & Iran.” “Canada’s aggression against Iran isn’t widely known.” 

“How would Canadians feel if Iran, or any other country, treated our country the way Canada treats Iran?” Interested? Become A sustainer. Or you can sign-up for free, at least. Either way you should get on it.

I guess my list for viable Candidates for Prime Minister just became that much shorter. Sorry Steve, you’ve just lost my vote. That is, of course, assuming he had a chance in the first place. And we all know he didn’t…