At Long Last

Today I upgraded my WordPress blog software to the current version (2.5.1). Kinda threw me for a loop. Things are not where I left ’em. Just when you’re comfortable using something they go and change it. Just kidding. It’s not like it Microsoft and the changes are from outta left field, or copied from somewhere else. Shit I didn’t really just say that, did I?

Anyway with my news and that lame poke out of the way I should probably note that I was finally and successfully (look at me) able to set up an archive index. Where all my posts are and, from this point on will be organized by the date they were published or by subject (category) they’ve been filed under. Or if you prefer to fuck the whole system you can “search” for whatever you’re after by yourself. At long last. Cool?

Speaking of Microsoft gotta “test” my latest accomplishment in IE. Like I don’t have anything better to do… Actually I don’t…