Appreciating Consequences

I’m quite sure you’ve all seen the Bush shoe throwing incident by now. It should be no surprise, I thought, it was incredibly funny. I actually almost fell out of my chair laughing. And all before learning of the “cultural significance” of what happened, too;

“It’s that cultural significance that has added real sting to the assault by an Iraqi journalist against US President George W Bush at a Baghdad news conference. […] In Arab culture it’s considered rude even to display the sole of one’s shoe to a fellow human being…”

Damn. He was embarrassed, ashamed, and most evident was, he was pissed. Looked good on him. Stupid ass finally appreciates the consequences off his actions.

But come on. Bush Shoe-Thrower ‘Tortured’? This has Bush’s pathetic, insecure, and scared little finger prints all over it. Keep pushing, George, you’ll get yours.

He just has to…