Any Less Interesting?

This morning I was listening to CBC Radio One’s program The Current where they spent a half hour talking about the Vatican’s decision to reinstate or was it promote a Priest or a Bishop who has long publicly denied the Jewish Holocaust ever happened.

The details on this story are somewhat fuzzy, in my head at least, for rather obvious reasons. I’m no fan of religion. And honestly I wasn’t paying much attention. 

Not my point…

But what did manage to half catch my ear was something that was brought up about the history of the Vatican and the Jews. The Vatican blames the Jews for Jesus’ death? OK it wasn’t phrased exactly like that. But it’s, basically, what I took away. And Pope Benedict XVI, the sitting Pope, is German, right? 

A seemingly interesting set of events if, of course, the Pope’s heritage was the least bit relevant. It might still be. But it’s not my style to pronounce all German’s as anti-semitic because of what a bunch of fascist needle-dicks did to different groups of people over 60 years ago in Germany’s name. That wouldn’t be fair.

But that doesn’t make it any less interesting…