An Alternative Style

I recently became aware of an issue involving my, and I’d imagine other peoples eyes becoming uncomfortable after prolonged viewing exposure to my website. I found a solution using a few bits of PHP and an alternative style sheet to make your time spent here a bit more comfortable.

What that basically means is with some computer code I’ve made it possible for a user to “invert” the display colours by clicking the text link located at the very top, right hand edge of the main box containing each page on this site. I’m working with how the new layout currently displays, but I thought I’d bring it up, while I’m working on it.

Hopefully this improves accessibility to most anyone who has found my white on dark colour scheme hard on the eyes. So without further ado, I give to you. “Eyes Uncomfortable? Try This.”

Not so fast Internet Explorer fans. You will have to wait a little longer to take advantage of this feature. I’ve yet to test this solution in said browser. But I hope to very soon. Nevermind. Special thanks Dangler for trying it out in IE. Derk says it werks.

Plus, now the main navigational link in the masthead will become white, indicating the specific page page you’re on. Thanks to PHP, again.

And on the resources page, under the specific sub-sections now lies a series of images either indicating writing I’ve recently read or sound I’m currently listening to that I find worthy of mention as suggested “resources.” You should check ’em.

And in closing I thought I’d bring up one more interesting little fact. Dairy is evil. Pass it on…

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