About Bloody Time

Of course the title of this here post is meant to be read with a sarcastic eye. This, most likely, won’t amount to much, if anything. But I, for one, hope it does. And it’s, dare I say it, nice to think about. Straight from today’s “headlines” at DemocracyNow.org;

“A top UN human rights official says Israel’s policies towards Palestinians amount to a “crime against humanity” and should be stopped by international action. Human Rights rapporteur Richard Falk made the comments in a report to the UN Human Rights Council. Falk urged the UN to invoke “the agreed norm of a responsibility to protect a civilian population being collectively punished.” He also called for an International Criminal Court investigation of Israeli military and civilian officials for potential prosecution…”

Read the article appearing today over at Al Jazeera English. about this very news story…

And now I’d like to take this opportunity to say something. I believe I was turned on to the english version of Al Jazeera at it’s launch. Quite simply, for no other reason, than it was another, yet rather unique perspective into news happening around the world. But more importantly it was a Middle Eastern news source reporting from, well, the Middle East. Imagine that.

I’ve periodically peeked in since my first exposure to it. Mainly when I was looking to productively kill a minute or twenty. But this last week I’ve been going there and reading a couple of “articles” a day. And, I hafta say, I really prefer their no non-sense approach to actually reporting the facts. Quite cleanly and succinctly, too. But, best of all is, there is absolutely no corporate advertising that I must make a conscious effort not to read. Just the news. Which, I guess, speaks volumes into why our news sources are so different. So full of shit.

It’s really refreshing. You, seriously, should check it out… 

Oh and special thanks to Ali Abunima’s  book “One Country: A Bold Proposal To End The Israel-Palestinian Impasse“ for inspiring me to learn more about the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, in particular.