Abolitionism is a term originating–if Wikipedia is a reliable guide–with that of slavery. Specifically regarding the abolishment or elimination of the practice. And has subsequently been more broadly defined. To “formally put an end to (a system, practice, or institution).” 

I’ve been aware of the word and it’s inherent value to veganism for quite some time. But it would seem to have a more intrinsic or “natural” value regarding how I’ve chosen to live my life. Specifically where an individuals worth is based primarily on perceived differences, and my rejecting to subscribe to such a flawed/superficial means of existence. An example? How ’bout an arbitrary ablity to feel “human” emotions? Are “animals” really all that different from us?

Now I’ve to mention something I stumbled upon not an hour ago. I came across a post at The Abolitionist Approach entitled “Vegan Education Made Easy–Part 3: An Abolitionist Pamphlet.”

With help from others Gary Francione has “created a Tri-Fold pamphlet that we offer to you to facilitate your efforts to educate your family, friends, and community about veganism in a nonviolent and creative way.”

This is really solid. I couldn’t hope to add anything more. So I urge you to download it (link below), look it over and most importantly think it through…

Animal Rights: The Abolitionist Approach (PDF: 76 KB)