A Very Powerful Appreciation


I recently watched what is without doubt the best horror movie of all time. Not many films are as unbelievably unsettling, or, better yet so disturbing as the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. When Leatherface clubs Jerry in the head causing him to collapse and “twitch” on the floor? So utterly intense.

Never has a single scene in a movie left me so affected. In fact I so clearly remember the first time I ever saw the movie and that scene, in particular. In Keg’s basement, as a kid, really, totally freaked out of my mind. As if being in his house wasn’t spooky enough, the walk home was truly something else.

It’s still, if not more difficult, to watch (what with it now being re-mastered?). Damn…

I’m most successful functioning on emotions. And feeling something is much more preferable than feeling nothing. No matter what those feelings may be. Anger, fear and, yes even something as troubling as this film. It’s all good. Or, at least respected. It gives me an instant connection to whatever may be tugging at my conscience.

It’s been quite awhile since I’ve seen the film and a lot has happened to me since. Most notably is reading so much about animal rights. The film took on a completely new tone for me. A seeming commentary on the connection between non-human and human life. And how we as, a society really value neither. 

A very powerful appreciation to be left from an over 30 year old film, I’d say…

2 thoughts on “A Very Powerful Appreciation”

  1. Thanks for the great home theatre experience Johnny!
    I too remember the first time viewing this classic cult horror, and it too was at Keg’s house! We were out late and we decided to rent the movie, but after a night of shenanigans it looked like we wouldn’t get a chance to see it. Keg complained and whined about wasting the $2 rental fee… so I stayed and watched it… Absolutely the most disturbing movie I have ever seen

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