A Real-Life Lewis Prothero

I’ve really been citing Will Potter’s writing a lot, here, recently. I’m not sure if it’s me — I’m part way through Naomi Wolf’s book End Of America, where she discusses an American “fascist shift” — or his writing is ever more relevant these days, because of what is happening. Suffice to say, it’s both. Point being, I think that motherfucker is on. Anyway today I’ll mention his article, Glenn Beck is Our Real-Life Lewis Prothero, on my way to some other, “well crafted,” words I feel compelled to link to.

But first, it seems Glenn Beck, “right-wing media mogul,” while “holding up a copy of The Coming Insurrection,” said “It’s one of the most evil books ever”. “He then held up a copy of We Are an Image From the Future as he went on a nonsensical tirade against the threat of ‘communists’ who want to destroy families.”

I agree with Will;

“For the most part, I think it’s a waste of time to get wrapped up in Glenn Beck’s nonsense. […] When people start calling books “evil,” though, I think that’s reason to pay attention. […] Give Glenn Beck a British accent, and is he not the spitting image of Lewis Prothero in ‘V is for Vendetta,’ the scare-mongering talking head keeping an Orwellian country in perpetual fear? […] More and more, it feels like we are living fiction…”

Which leads me to the main point. The book, The Coming Insurrection, is about anarchism, NOT Communism. I’ll just let The AK Press Collective explain it, with their Open Letter To Glenn Beck. Idiot…