‘A Power Governments Cannot Suppress?’

With news of Israel’s insane, criminal, and immoral “caged hunt” for Hamas in Gaza continually worsening, I could not help from laughing out loud (odd response, I know) at Yves Engler’s piece, published yesterday at ZNet, Canada & Israel’s Occupation;

“The Canadian Left has taken a major step forward in opposition to Zionism. […] On Thursday 20 people blockaded Israel’s consulate in Montreal, a day after a group of Jewish women occupied the Israeli consulate in Toronto. Two weeks ago Sid Ryan, the head of 200,000-member Canadian Union of Public Employees-Ontario, courageously denounced Israel’s “genocide” in the Gaza strip and this weekend influential Canadian author Naomi Klein published an article supporting the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against Israel called for by Palestinian social movements. In the face of media hostility, CUPE-Ontario, The Canadian Union of Postal Workers, the teachers Federation in Québec and the 40,000 members of Québec student Association ASSE have all supported the international boycott campaign against Israeli apartheid.”

It gives me some desperately needed hope that, despite powerful Israeli “interests” within Western Governments and media, people are getting motivated by what lobbyists are working so hard to keep from us. And, as a direct result, are acting against the needledick policies of the Canadian (for one) and Israeli (for another) governments…