A Means To An End

By no means has my realization–mentioned in my post “Here I Go… Thinking Again…“–changed or will it change my outlook on dogs, or my love for Freddy.

The current state of canines, among a ton of other animals we use for companionship or even “sustenance,” is something we created through domestication and selective breeding. Well past the point of “nature.” There isn’t much that is really “natural” in our lives anymore. We’ve got our greedy little mitts in anything and everything. I can’t help but ask is the world a better place resulting from what we’ve done?

The point I was driving at, in this case was it is our collective responsibility to make certain we ensure the comfort and well being of every dog that is here now. And I’m relatively sure continuing to breed dogs for certain traits, uses or breeds isn’t a means to that end, is all. In fact I’ve some serious reservations over how we use and treat fellow animals…