A Fascist Police State

Now with the same old stupidity underway this week in Denver, I’ve turned to DemocracyNow.org‘s coverage of the DNC. Aptly entitled “Breaking With Convention.” I say “aptly” simply because Amy & Co. are very busy reporting the other side. You’ll never find ANY of the stories featured there, since Monday at least, on mainstream television. And that does, in fact shatter the practice of modern journalism. Typical! Do yourself a favor and check it out…

Now I should state, before next week rolls around and it’s the Republican’s turn, I don’t think any better of the Republicans. Actually my thoughts concerning a “Neo-Conservative’s” racist, sexist and homophobic idea of “democracy” is worse. A lot worse.

But, to be fair both parties are contributing to the death of civilization and this planet in a shockingly similar way…

Both support the same agenda through the same hierarchal systems of oppression and exploitation. Don’t be a fool by voting for either. The Republican’s do little to hide their corruption-whether it’s a result of their arrogance, their laziness or their stupidity (Frankly I’m convinced it’s a lot from each)-but The Democrats are way too busy claiming to be something they’re not. While offering no solution to “fix” the current state of their country and our world.

Look at the silently sanctioned “security” outside the Pepsi Centre. Arbitrary, illegal, and grossly over-powered. It’s a fucking fascist police state. Actions speak much louder than your silly words, Barack…

Make no mistake, Democrats and Republicans are the exact same shit from the exact same pile…

4 thoughts on “A Fascist Police State”

  1. Johnny, who is Amy & Co.? What channel? I can’t imagine the DNC getting positive coverage on any of the major US networks. I’ve been watching a little on PBS.

    Check this out. I posted this on facebook so you may have already seen it.

    I love this little political compass. Instead of simply looking at “Right” (conservative) and “Left” (liberal) it introduces a second axis with Anarchy at one end and Totalitarianism at the other. Check out where ALL the candidates (of note) from either party line-up. Just goes to show that one is getting the same shit from both parties.

    North American politics have shifted so right of center. I’d like to see the Canadian leaders plotted on this graph. I have a feeling — that generally — we are still right of center, but we give the individual a little more leash than in the States.

    You can fill-out a questionnaire and see where you stand. My politics are most in-line with Ralph Nader’s.

    (BTW: Gandhi is in the bottom-left quadrant also).

  2. Oh, I didn’t see this earlier. They already did the Canadian parties. I was right: Liberal and Conservatives are right of center. Canadian Liberals and Conservatives pretty much align with US Democrats.

    Notice how the parties/candidates in both countries are aligned along a diagonal axis, rather than the horizontal axis. Republicans prescribe a lot of economic and social conservatism.

  3. Cam: Amy & Co. are Democracy now, the anchor and crew, if you will. Just me trying to write and not seem too repetitive, is all. Channel? Huh?

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