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Things To Come?

“I’ve become extremely discouraged about how things were and are being played-down the the media, in recent weeks and months, with respect to what we should expect from said conference. But this, this, could get interesting…”

For What It’s Worth

I’ve written about the radio show The Ongoing History Of New Music here, in the past, on my way to a more relevant point. And, ever since that post, I can’t say I’ve spent too many Sunday morning’s not listening to Alan Cross do his thing. Even though his interpretation of certain events and circumstances…

Anti-Empire Report

November’s edition of Bill Blum’s monthly essay contribution is a “rager;” “If machismo explains war, if men love war and fighting so much, why do we have to compel them with conscription on pain of imprisonment? Why do the powers-that-be have to wage advertising campaigns to seduce young people to enlist in the military? Why…