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Thanks NAFTA

“So right along side of the intensive animal agriculture, responsible for much of the animal flesh and reproductive secretions humans consume, it would seem we have NAFTA to thank as well…”

I’ll Never Understand People

“She’d want the job back? It’s been five years, this month, since what happened at Abu Ghraib, in Iraq, was exposed and she, not only worked, but is still working, in a “demoted” position, for a bunch of “psychopath’s,” who only care about one thing? Themselves…”

The Trial

“Never have I been so ashamed of my government (such a comment isn’t entirely true, but at the same time, is hardly less successful at conveying my frustration)…”


“Frankly, I’m still quite unable to put into words what our ‘back and forth’ meant to me. I could feel the look on my face the whole time she was here. I was taken aback…”