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Over A Bag Of Carrots

“I’m not at all insinuating this is how she thinks of disability and was her particular mindset yesterday. It just made me think, what a strange place to find a child’s perspective on life. In a grocery store, over a bag of carrots…”

About Bloody Time

“But, best of all is, there is absolutely no corporate advertising that I must make a conscious effort not to read. Just the news. Which, I guess, speaks volumes about why our news sources are so different. So full of shit…”

So Utterly Depressing

“I’m a thirty something ‘white’ male who has known little else than a truly fortunate existence. I’ve grown up “smack dab” in the “cradle of affluence.” Therefore I was able to take full advantage of everything my ‘inherent’ status has provided…”

Not Gonna Fly

“I’ll go out on a limb and predict the new year will bring some exciting things, in this respect, at least. As for Obama actually bringing what he promised, it’s looking less and less likely, every day…”

This Can’t Be

“I wonder if Peter Singer is as perverse as his logic? I’m not really asking. I don’t want to know. I’m content with everything he has provided me. In fact I could’ve done without this…”