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Thank You For The Opportunity

“So not only was it an honor to write those words, it was my pleasure they were spoken. In that context, especially. Thank you, Irene, for signing the entire service to a couple of long time friends of my Grandparents and, especially, for benefit of my Grandfather. But, most importantly, I want to thank, both my Uncle and Mother for allowing me the opportunity to participate…”

ZNet Strikes Again

This is a little late, I received it last week, October 2nd. But it’s not one bit less relevant today, here in Canada and around the world, after yesterday. Thanks again to my ZNet monthly sustainer status I received a piece written by Howard Zinn titled From Empire To Democracy. In it he outlines the…

I Never Thought

“In fact it would seem it does require a fair amount of concentration and a half an ability to finish a thought to carry on as I do. Who’d have thought? Not I…”