I Wonder

It was Canada Day 2008. Just a very short 26 days ago. While normally an absurd reason to “employ” moronic traditions signifying the founding of a “nation state,” I chose, instead to celebrate a friends birthday with a load of other people…

We were outside in a different friends backyard until well after nightfall when I realized I hadn’t been bitten by a mosquito. Strange. I’d even been warned by the home owner, more than once that her backyard was notorious for the little critters. But no deal. Continue reading I Wonder

Let Your Imagination Set You Free

I once swore to myself I would never let myself forget how bloody frustrating life can get when you no longer possess the faculties you once used to live life. And there I sat actually having to be reminded of a promise I once made to myself… 

I recently had an opportunity to see the film The Diving Bell And The Butterfly. Continue reading Let Your Imagination Set You Free

Paging Dr. Gupta

Last week Elizabeth Cohen, on CNN’s American Morning spoke about a newly released study comparing the effectiveness of three different diets–a low fat diet, the Mediterranean diet and a low-carb diet–and with results in hand, quite surprisingly gawked at the findings. I’m sure if she went further into specifics of said study, it would tell quite a different story. But I digress… 

The study followed a bunch of people over a course of a two year period and tracked their weight-loss. I’m not sure about any specifics of the study, I’m too lazy and I don’t really care to cite it. But I have to mention this study was conducted by a group with a stake in the findings. And, rather shockingly the findings favored this group. 

Not my point… Continue reading Paging Dr. Gupta

No-One Listens To Me

My last post, Soothing pulled a lot outta my head yesterday. I would be remiss not to mention something that made laugh aloud while drifting off to sleep last evening. Question: Is it coincidence Aamen is part or the focus of my most prized memories while booze was anywhere within, say a 25 foot radius of him? Obvious answer: No it’s not.

I was reminded of this incident merely cos The Satanic Surfers were the last band I saw, or I remember seeing prior to my accident.

One night in mid-June, I’d guess Aamen and I piled into my family’s awaiting wiener red Cavalier and drove into the city to catch one of my favorite bands. Even today not much can touch the early to mid Surfers material. I digress, on the way we picked up Trouble and Mel, then subsequently made our way to 735 Queen Street East (wow, I remembered!). Continue reading No-One Listens To Me