I briefly visited this in the first “edition” of this site. Back in the day. Before it was a blog. And when I was rooting around in my hard drive, I relocated it. Bam!

“How can he declare his existence as ‘unbounded’ when he uses a wheelchair as his only means of mobility?” I can hear it now. A tad shorter in length. With a slightly more urgent tone. “What the fuck? Is he serious?”

For what it’s worth, I didn’t choose the word “unbounded.” It was a term La La used when I asked how she’d describe me upon registering the domain for this website. And plopping the “existence” on the end was the next logical step after looking up “” and seeing it was already registered. Besides I like the ring of “” So does Spags…

But seriously… Continue reading Determination

My Outlook

As I said, Well It’s 2008. I truly didn’t mean to be so indignant towards 2007. But shit happens…

I did, however manage a few opportunities for personal enlightenment last year. Most notably was the reading of Caroline Moorehead’s fantastic book, Human Cargo: A Journey Among Refugees. “One of the greatest books of all time. It may change the way you look at life.” No kidding…

“Why should something as arbitrary as where one is born determine where one is allowed to live? Entrance restrictions, borders and boundaries, often themselves accidents of history stand as barriers to a more equal world, protecting the privileges of those who live in the least crowded, richest and safest states.” Continue reading My Outlook

Well It’s 2008

Where the hell did 2007 go? And why can’t I remember anything worthy of recognition happening last year?

Anyway I want to wish everyone a year like the one that just ended, and in the very least we all get shat out the ass end alive.

But, hold on, 2008 could prove to be interesting. After all we have another American “election” to look forward to. Time and money well spent. Gotta love democracy… Continue reading Well It’s 2008