13 Years In

As it turns out today, August 5th, 2009, marks the 13th anniversary of my accident. Oh no, unlucky 13?

But, in all seriousness, it’s days just like that of today that enable a “man” to look back and appreciate where a kid has been, and where that same individual might be headed. Frankly, it’s amazingly mind-numbing to consider.

What continues to be most noteworthy about this date is what it also represents, in conjunction with my accident — which was everything but — is the 3rd anniversary of this website’s launch. It’s been 3 years already? Damn, it oddly seems like more. Go figure…

Anyway not much more to say concerning my little milestone, except, as always, “massive respect” goes straight back to Smacks for, not only remembering, but sending me acknowledgment of what this day means to him. Honestly, it blows my mind each and every year this day arrives, and his “gesture” lands on the “Farside” of my brain. It continues to, and will always, be greatly appreciated. Love ya, brother.

But, ever more importantly, to everyone who has had and continues to have such a profound influence on me and my life, I couldn’t and can’t have done any of this without each and everyone of you.

Thank you all so very much. Not to worry, I love y’alls, too…